Dangling Mer Pendant

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Choose between a blue-ish heat patina scales and tail or silver scales and tail


Another fabulous collaborative piece with the incredibly talented fine artist, Theresa Franke. These pieces embody all her ocean-loving designs into wearable jewelry.

Full of shine, these stainless steel pendants can be worn all day or all night. Stainless steel doesn't tarnish and it's thick and solid so it doesn't bend or break.

I have applied a texture to her scales and a textured shine to the rest, a lovely Amazonite turquoise dangling bead (which claims to bring emotional balance and mental clarity to the wearer) and an adjustable polyester cord upto 30" long.

Each Mer is approx 4" x 0.75" on her own, with the bead she is approx 4.75" in length total.

Please choose between a blue-ish heat patina applied to scales and tail or without.

These pieces are each created individually, so no two will be exactly alike.